As heirs of God's grace in Jesus Christ, and joint heirs with all who confess him Lord, we affirm our place as Presbyterians in the whole Body of Christ, the Church.  We understand "Mission" to be God's work for the sake of the world God loves.

We understand this work to be centered in the Lordship of Jesus Christ and made real through the active and leading power of the Holy Spirit.  Recognizing our human limitations and because of our fundamental unity in Jesus Christ, we believe we are called to mission through the discipline of partnership.

The practice of partnership guides our whole connectional church.  It guides us individually as members, officers, and pastors.  It guides us collectively as congregations, presbyteries, synods, General Assembly ministries, and related institutions.

In doing mission in partnership, we seek to be guided by certain principles:

  1. Shared Grace and Thanksgiving.
  2. Mutuality and Interdependence.
  3. Recognition and Respect.
  4. Open Dialogue and Transparency.
  5. Sharing of Resources.

Jesus invites us as friends to follow his commandment of love and bear fruit that will last (John 15:12-17).  Like Paul and Titus, we become partners with each other and with Christ in united and mutual service (2 Corinthians 8:16-24).  Guided by Christ's humility, we work to empty ourselves of all pride, power, sin, and privilege so that God may be glorified (Philippians 2:5-11).  Within and beyond our connectional community, doing mission in such true partnership opens us to opportunities for mutual encouragement, mutual transformation, mutual service, and mutual renewal.

Led by those principles, Second Presbyterian Church has long-standing partnerships locally, regionally, and globally.  Perhaps our most impactful outreach is our year-round Preschool located on the church campus and which also receives scholarship funding.  The church has a one-to-one relationship with West View Elementary School which includes work-day projects and individual reader and mentoring.

Along with supporting the Presbytery of East Tennessee, the church connects with local ministries such as the Volunteer Ministry Center, Montgomery Village Ministry, the University of Tennessee Presbyterian Center, the Interfaith Health Clinic, and the Fish Hospitality Pantries.

Regionally, our support roots are deep with the Sunset Gap Center in Cocke County, Camp John Knox, and Maryville College.

Globally, we support PCUSA missionaries Les & Cindy Morgan in Bangladesh, Dan & Elizabeth Turk in Madagascar, and the Vida Joven/Nicaragua program.