Where do I park?

Follow the entrance drive up the hill to our main back parking lot. Handicap and/or Special Needs parking spots are located in our main parking lot and along the front Sanctuary driveway. A covered entryway to the Sanctuary is located on the east side of the campus.

Where should I start if I want to come to Second?

Sunday morning right now is the best place to get started. Here you will get a pretty good sense of who we are and what makes us move. Visit one of our many Sunday School offerings at 9:30 am, join us for coffee in the Atrium at 10:30, and worship with us in the Sanctuary at 11:00am.

What do people wear on Sundays at Second?

Come as you are! While some people enjoy dressing up, many of us come in casual attire.

How do I get to the Sanctuary?

From the back parking lot, walk along the pathway near our Preschool Playground. Go through the covered breezeway and enter the sanctuary on your left. When you enter, our ushers will provide you with some worship materials and help you find a place to sit.

What do I do with my kids on Sundays at Second?

Just to let you know – Kids are 1st at 2nd! Your children can either worship with you in the sanctuary or jump into one of our offerings for children. We have dedicated space for Infants thru Preschoolers in our Children’s Wing – that is right behind our playground. Click here for information about our children’s programs.

Where do I find information about stuff on Sunday?

Two places. Once on campus stop by the Atrium which is off the entrance to the main parking lot. One of our volunteers will greet you and answer any questions you may have or direct you in the right way. Secondly, if you are looking for something particular, click on one of our webpages for children, youth, college or adult.

What if I am a youth (6th – 12th grader)?

On Sunday join us at 9:30 a.m. for our growing youth ministry in their newly remodeled youth room on our 2nd floor. Click here for more youth information.

What if I am a college or graduate student?

We love university students. Many faculty and alumni call Second home. Check out our Sunday morning worship services at 11:00, or come at 9:30 for a Sunday School class. Students are welcome on Wednesday nights for dinner (only $2!).

Do you have coffee and donuts?

Of course. You can find these in our Atrium – inside the double-doors close to the rear parking lot.

Why are you named Second Presbyterian Church?

Second started in 1818. It was founded on the teachings of “freedom from slavery”. A group left First Presbyterian (Knoxville, TN) in order to start a new church which they creatively named Second Presbyterian Church. The church moved to its current location in 1957, after spending most of its life downtown.

What does Presbyterian mean?

Presbyterian means “elder”. It speaks to how we are governed. Elders and pastors share inleadership. Presbyterian refers also to our beliefs. Theologically, we come out of the Reformation stream that honors the authority of scripture and salvation by grace alone. We are members of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)