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Wednesday Night Dinner & Bible Study

Wednesday night dinner and Bible study continues on Wednesday, Sept. 15. This fall we will be studying The Kingdom Parables of Jesus, those parables in which Jesus says, “The Kingdom of Heaven is like…” The format will be lecture/small group discussion. Pastor Tim will review the story for 20 minutes or so, then we will break into small groups for discussion questions together. The discussion questions will be provided.

If we are in Covid Phase Red, there will be no dinner and the class will move entirely onto Zoom. We will use the Breakout Room feature for the discussion.

If we are in Covid Phase Orange, the Bible Study will be in-person with a Zoom option for those who wish to join from home. We will also gather for dinner at 6:00 p.m. during Covid Phase Orange, but a prepared meal will not be served. Instead, we invite those who desire to gather for dinner, with each person/family providing their own “brown bag” dinner.

If we are in Covid Phase Yellow, the Bible Study will be in-person with a Zoom option for those who wish to join from home and a prepared meal will be provided at 6:00 p.m.

The Zoom link and discussion questions for the week are available via the buttons on the right.

Dinner: 6:00 p.m.

Bible Study: 6:30 p.m.

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Covid Precaution Phases – August 17th

At its stated meeting on August 17th, 2021, the Session of 2nd Presbyterian Church implemented the following Covid Precaution Phases. The congregation will be informed if/when we move to a different phase. We are currently in PHASE ORANGE.

Covid Precaution Phases

Each phase is tied to the 7-Day Average Covid-19 Percent Positive Test data as reported by the Knox County Health Department. (Currently being reported on Tuesday and Thursday.) If the data necessitates a move into a different phase, an email notification will be sent to the congregation and the website will be updated to indicate the current phase. Additionally, signs will be posted on the doors of the building and the information will be repeated in the Friday E-News. The precautions associated with each phase will be displayed on the home page of the website.

Phase Data Indicator Precautions




Less than 5%



No precautions

Everything at pre-pandemic conditions














5% – 12.49%












Face coverings optional for those who are vaccinated

Physical distancing encouraged but not enforced

People may come and go in the building as necessary

Groups may meet in person in the building without restrictions, other than above face covering guidance

Offering plates and pew pads in worship will be passed

Optional intinction station provided for communion in addition to self-serve option

Full choir without face coverings

Coffee and doughnut holes in the atrium

Receptions allowed in Fellowship Hall or Hudson Hall (family preference)













12.5% – 19.99%











Face coverings required for all activities in the building

Physical distancing encouraged during worship through the taping off of pews

Coffee and doughnut holes in the Fellowship Hall

All receptions in Hudson Hall

Reduced choir (scholarship singers) masked

No offering plates or pew pads passed

Communion self-serve cups only

Groups strongly encouraged to meet via Zoom, but in-person meetings allowed provided face coverings required and physical distancing observed






20% or greater 




Virtual or outdoor worship only

Building closed to all groups and in-person traffic; staff only

Groups not allowed to meet in-person on church property

No receptions; outdoor graveside services only


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