The ways in which believers use God’s gifts of material goods, personal abilities, and time should reflect a faithful response to God’s self-giving in Jesus Christ and Christ’s call to minister to and share with others in the world



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The Ministry of Stewardship exists to lead members of the congregation to a deeper understanding of Christian stewardship and shall foster giving among members to support the vision and mission of Second Presbyterian Church, the Presbytery of East Tennessee, and the Presbyterian Church (USA). It also witnesses to good stewardship by administering, caring for, and being good stewards of the resources of the congregation, including our human resources, and assisting the other Ministry Units in doing the same by providing personnel, accounting, maintenance, and other services to enhance the life of the community.

  • Facilities: Practices good stewardship of the facilities by maintaining, managing, and being responsible for all property of the church, including the building and all its contents, the grounds, church vehicles, and the parking lot. Recommends improvements to any of the above; responsible for insurance coverage to all of the above; ensures that the proper policies and procedures are followed for usage of any of the above; makes provision for repairs and maintenance for any of the above; and makes recommendations to the Session for changes in policy for any of the above. Receives and approves all requests for use of the building from outside organizations and coordinates with church staff regarding any approved events.
  • Technology: Oversees all technology needs of the congregation, including maintenance and purchase of computers, website development, live streaming, use of social media, email, the telephone system, security, sanctuary sound/projection system, and any other technological aspects of the congregation’s life. Responsible for regularly reviewing the technology in use by the congregation, recommending any upgrades and/or purchases that may be necessary to carry out the ministry of the congregation, and making recommendations when other teams request technological support, upgrades, and/or purchases.
  • Budget & Finance: Provides advice and expertise to the Session, other Ministry Units, and to Ministry Teams regarding budget preparation. Prepare and recommend to the Session the process by which the budget is to be prepared and coordinates the process with the Commitment Team. Prior to the adoption of the budget, makes recommendations to the Session regarding it. When faced with a non-budgeted expenditure, recommends to the Session the source and/or availability of funds. Advise as to the availability of funds for regular, budgeted expenditures. Provides regular information to the Session and congregation regarding the financial situation of the congregation, and provides for an annual audit of all finances. Reviews, monitors, and oversees the flow of offerings, including quarterly and annual giving reports. Oversees the investment of the permanent funds and monitors the long-range financial outlook of the congregation. Receives all offers of gifts to the congregation, including memorials, and makes recommendations to the Session as to the acceptance and distribution of gifts.
  • Commitment: Encourages a year-round emphasis on being good stewards of the gifts that God has given us by encouraging members to commit their resources to the work and mission of Second Presbyterian Church. Responsible for the design and implementation of an ongoing program to develop in our members a lifestyle of stewardship in response to God’s blessings that regards tithing as a primary expression of such a commitment. Responsible for developing programs that will encourage people to include Second Presbyterian Church in their estate planning.
  • Personnel: Has particular concern for the needs and working conditions of all Second Presbyterian Church employees. Oversees all personnel policies, guidelines, and procedures of the church, including maintaining current and accurate job descriptions for all staff positions. Supports, advises, and reviews all Second Presbyterian Church staff annually, in consultation with the Head of Staff, making appropriate recommendations to the Session regarding wages, employment benefits, and discipline, if necessary. In consultation with the Head of Staff, advises the Session in matters of hiring new employees, in recommending changes or additions to the staff composition, and handles any grievances from current employees. Upon occasion, given particular circumstances and to maintain privacy and discretion, this team may need to report directly to the Session on certain matters without making a report to other members of the Ministry Unit. In the case of such a situation, this should be coordinated with the Ministry Unit Coordinators, the Head of Staff, and the Clerk of Session.
  • Senior Pastor/Head of Staff: The Senior Pastor/Head of Staff will have primary responsibility for this Ministry Unit and overseeing its day-to-day operations.
  • Church Treasurer: While the Church Treasurer is an officer of the congregation and not a paid staff member, the expertise and advice of the Treasurer is necessary to the function of the Budget & Finance Ministry Team. The Treasurer shall be a member of the Budget & Finance Ministry Team to offer guidance, advice, and reporting tools, but shall serve as ex officio and without a vote.
  • Church Accountant: The Accountant for the congregation is a resource for the Budget & Finance and Personnel Ministry Teams. The Accountant is not required to attend meetings of these teams but should provide support, information, and reports as needed for these teams to fulfill their mission.
  • Office Manager: The Church Office Manager is generally considered Support Staff and not Program Staff. However, due to the nature of this Ministry Unit, the Church Office Manager will have many day-to-day dealings with the various individuals involved in the Ministry Teams of the unit. The Church Office Manager is, therefore, listed as integral staff to the operation of this unit.