Worship & Celebration

The session and the ruling elders are responsible for providing for the development and supervision of the educational program of the church and for developing discipleship among members.


Worship & Celebration

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The Ministry of Worship and Celebration exists to lift God’s people in joyful worship as they come to praise God and celebrate his work in their lives, seeking to be equipped to serve him faithfully in the world. Through Word and Sacrament, music, art, drama, offering our gifts, and special services, this Ministry Team fosters the feeling of: “I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord!’” (Psalm 122:1)

  • Music and Arts Ministry: Oversees all music and use of the arts in the life of the congregation, in partnership with the Director of Music and pastoral staff. Coordinates any performances by guest musicians/artists and/or concert series that may occur.
  • Worship Planning: Oversees the planning and implementation of worship services, including any special worship services throughout the year, in partnership with the pastoral staff. Works closely with the pastoral staff in making sure that worship themes are carried out in accordance with sermon series and the liturgical calendar. Responsible for preparing the elements for the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper whenever it is observed.
  • Liturgists: Offers their gifts in worship by reading Scripture, offering prayers, greeting worshippers following the service, and leading the gathered in the liturgy. Work closely with the pastoral staff in assisting with other aspects of worship as needed and in maintaining a regular schedule of liturgists serving in worship.
  • Hospitality: Responsible for recruiting, training, and scheduling greeters and ushers so that the personality and hospitality of the congregation is immediately evident and apparent to any and all who worship with our congregation. Special care is given to making sure that visitors are warmly welcomed and feel connected from the moment they arrive at Second Presbyterian Church. Responsible for preparing the sanctuary for use prior to worship services, and for cleaning and closing the sanctuary following worship. Members of this team are encouraged to visit other congregations for worship to see how they welcome visitors. This team has responsibility for the Officer of the Day ministry on Sunday mornings.
  • Decorations: Ensures that our worship spaces, as well as other spaces, are decorated appropriately for whichever liturgical season we are in, so that all worshippers might be enriched in their worship and God might be glorified. Maintains and publicizes the flower calendar. Works closely with the pastoral staff to determine if any special decorations are necessary to achieve a certain feel that will enable people to better experience God within particular worship services, especially during high holy times such as Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter.
  • Weddings & Funerals: Oversees these two special and particular types of worship services, along with formulating and implementing policies related to each. Responsible for ensuring that weddings that take place at Second Presbyterian Church are first and foremost worshipful affairs, in conformity to the Reformed Tradition’s emphasis on the nature of the wedding as a worship service. Assists the bride and groom in making the necessary arrangements with the church, informing them of the church policies and coordinating information with the church staff. Works with pastoral staff to coordinate all aspects of the funeral service, including flowers and ushers, to ensure that the focus is proper and worshipful

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  • Senior Pastor: The Senior Pastor will have primary responsibility for this Ministry Unit and overseeing its day-to-day operations. He/she will serve as its primary resource and will be directly involved in a great deal of its work and ministry.
  • Associate Pastor (when present): The Associate Pastor will play a secondary role in this Ministry Unit, offering input mainly into the theology and design of worship services. The Senior Pastor and Associate Pastor will work collegially in this matter.
  • Director of Music and Arts: The Director of Music and Arts oversees all music and arts of the church. Working in coordination with the pastoral staff, the Music & Arts Ministry Team, and the Worship Planning Team, the Director of Music and Arts designs the music program to enhance the worship of the congregation. The Director of Music and Arts also oversees any other music programs (including special presentations) that the church may undertake. Additionally, the Director of Music and Arts directs and oversees any instrumentalists hired to serve Second Presbyterian Church, as well as any scholarship singers utilized in the choir.
  • Organist: When there is an organist in addition to the Director of Music & Arts, the Organist serves as a resource to the Worship Planning Ministry Team.
  • A/V Technical Coordinator: The A/V Technical Coordinator oversees A/V needs for the sanctuary and, if necessary, events in the Fellowship Hall. The A/V/ Technical Coordinator coordinates and resources the Worship Streaming Ministry and trains/schedules all A/V Technicians for the worship services.
  • A/V Technicians: These are volunteers who run the audio and video equipment during worship.